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Specialist House Extension Builders in Swansea

Extensions of your existing home are a great option if you are in need of more space than you currently have. An extension can provide you with the additional room you need, whist also best utilizing the space of your plot. Extensions can come in different forms, which we explain in a little more detail here for you. If you’re considering an extension but have a few questions about the process first, please don’t hesitate to contact our home home extensions Swansea team who would be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

Connected Home Extensions in Swansea

A connected extension is one that is attached to your existing house. The extension can either flow through from the existing living areas in the form of extending your kitchen, lounge, bedroom, garage or a simple loft conversion. 

There are a range of reasons why our clients select each of these and is something that you will likely need to consider when designing your extension. 

These type of extensions are the most common as it keeps the same flow of the home, but obviously adds some additional space and/or rooms. This is the perfect solution for those with growing families who need additional living areas or bedrooms for everyone.

Seperated House Extensions Swansea

A separated extension is a separate building that is on your property that adds additional space. This can be in the form of a granny flat, pool house, man cave, home office, parents retreat or a place to separate your exceptionally loud, seemingly nocturnal teenager. Separated extensions can be great for a bit of privacy, whist also creating the additional space you require around your home. 

Our team of experts can help guide you through the process of having your own stand-alone extension and the connection of its facilities so that it can be completely self sufficient if that is what is required.

Designing Your Home Extension

The design of your extension can be fun but can also provide you with some logistical hurdles that you may need to work around. Having an experienced and knowledgeable extension builders Swansea team involved in the design process can provide the industry knowledge required to come up with solutions that still meet your requirements. 

Our team are more than happy to share their knowledge with our clients and find satisfaction in being able to solve design related issues with their abilities. They will gladly provide options to best utilise your space, which without having the involvement of an industry professional may be overlooked.

Our Swansea Home Extension Builders Process

The process of an extension is quite similar to that of a new build in the sense that a new slab will need to be poured, framing put up as well as a roof, additional walls, plaster, wiring and plumbing etc. 

If you have opted to have an extension that flows through from your existing home, this will mean that some demolition work is required so that we can create a flow through space. This will need to be accounted for in the design and the extension will be matched to your existing house, so that the extension is seamless.

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