Renovations Swansea

A renovation can be a great option if you love your home and its location but feel that your home needs a bit of updating. Renovations can either be done in sections, or your complete house. There are a few steps we like to provide assistance and guidance to our clients throughout the process to make sure it is as stress free and simple as possible for you. Our building contractors renovations Swansea team have the relevant skills and experience to help you in all the renovation stages to make sure you are kept fully up to date and understand the process so that it can meet your expectations. Below, we explain the different stages of the renovation process in a little more detail.


4 Stage Renovations Swansea Process from a Building Contractor You Can Trust


We believe the best way to complete a renovation is all at once so that it can be over and done with so that you can enjoy the new feel of your home. However, if this is not a financially viable option for you, commonly people start with their wet areas, being their bathrooms, kitchen and occasionally adding in their laundry at the same time. Some clients wish to change the layout of their home, either adding in an additional bathroom or bedroom. As reputable building contractors Swansea this is something we are able to work with you on and provide suitable solutions to meet your desired outcome.


The designing of a renovation is always the fun part, mixing and matching swatches, choosing new tiles or carpet and deciding on matching décor. As builders we don’t need to be involved in the colour selection process but can be a very beneficial aid when it comes to selecting the materials you would like to use. This is for everything from your tiles or floorboards through to the kitchen splashback and shower screen. Working in the industry for a long period of time, we have come to learn what kind of materials have the longest lifespan and keep their appearance. This inside information is often greatly appreciated for our clients considering a renovation.


Once the design and materials have been settled on, it’s time for us to get to work. We will be sure to communicate with you the estimated time for completion and the time which you will not have access to the areas that are being renovated. We will handle all liaising with our specialised contractors so that you don’t need to worry about communicating and coordinating numerous people. Pro Building Services Swansea aim to take all the stresses out of a renovation, and just leave you with the fun parts of designing and then getting to enjoy it.


We use only the best contractors and recommend the best materials, which is why Pro Building Services Swansea have no hesitations in providing all our clients with a guarantee. If you have something that is installed incorrectly or something breaks, we will handle all of the liaising with manufacturers and contractors for you. We make sure that our clients are well looked after, which means attending to issues after completion.

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