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New Builds Swansea - The Stages

When completing a new build, there are several steps required from planning, to design, to construction as well as very importantly, communication. Our new team of professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in each of these areas with all of our new builds Swansea development projects, so that you don’t have to be. 

We will help to guide you through each phase and ensure that we are working together as a team to achieve the ideal outcome and your dream house. Here we detail a bit more what is involved in each of these phases. 


Planning to place a home on a plot of land is a very exciting time for all owners, whether it be your first or fifth house. There is always something magical about creating a new home, but with that comes a lot of preparation. First you need to assess things like the size of the plot, the slope of the plot as well as if the site needs clearing or demolition before commencing. Having a thorough planning stage can help to prevent unexpected circumstances arise either during construction or after completion of all new builds Swansea properties.


When considering the design of your home, there are a few elements that you will need to take into consideration, for example underground utilities and practicality of the design on the land. You may also wish to consider the position of the sun at different times throughout the day. Our team have built many new builds Swansea, dream homes and properties, which has given the experience of seeing what works well and what does not. As one of the leading building contractors Swansea has to offer, we are positioned to provide you with guidance based off our industry knowledge and share what we know with you, whilst also providing alternative solutions if there are any stumbling blocks along the way.


The construction of a house can take a number of months, and whilst we will try to give an estimation on completion, this is subject to change. There are many variables that can affect the original planned completion date when working with a number of trades people, their requirements and also safe work practices and weather elements. During the phase of construction, we will be keeping you updated with any new developments as well as being sure to communicate with you if there are any delays in construction, so that you can plan accordingly.


Communication is a vital part of the construction of any new building and is something that our new builds Swansea team of specialist tradesmen pride themselves on doing exceptionally well. Without the use of an experienced professional builder, the process of a new build can be exceptionally overwhelming having to communicate with multiple different people and attempt to coordinate them all with out having the industry experience. We remove this element of pressure from you and take this on ourselves with the industry experience which makes this a much easier task for us to handle. We will deal with all correspondence between trades people and yourself so that you have consistency of information, and so that the trades people know exactly what they are doing.