Landscaping Swansea


No home is complete without having your garden landscaped. Both the front as it is often the first impression your friends, family and strangers will have of your home, as well as the back garden, the space that you get to privately enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of your home. Our company goal is to provide an all-inclusive building service which wouldn’t be complete if we did not offer our landscaping Swansea services to complete the entire process for you. Here we explain about what our landscaping services can do for you, and the transformation it can have for your home.

Our Landscaping Swansea Services in a Nutshell


When designing your outdoor areas, you will need to take into consideration any slop of the block or any already set layers. These can of course be worked around and stunning designs applied with these elements. Landscaping doesn’t just mean lawn and flowers, but it can also mean a stairway, garden pathways, retaining walls, patio, driveway, paving, drainage and groundworks Swansea and anything else you would like to see in your garden. We are here to assist you throughout the design process and provide you with options to suit your desires. 


When completing a landscaping project, it is often beneficial to consider an irrigation system. This is a self-watering system that can be set and customised to water your garden as and when it is needed. These will generally operate on a system that is located on your property and can be altered as required for seasonal changes. Our Landscaping Swansea team members will gladly show you how these operate and the benefits of them, as well as how to adjust the system should the need arise.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertaining areas can be very handy to have when the summer comes around. They are a great place for gatherings of friends and family, or simply a place to relax and enjoy the sunshine on your own. Our landscaping services include the construction of patios and undercover entertaining areas so that you can best utilise the space you have available. Whether you are wanting simple concrete flooring, timber decking area or an undercover space that you can use all year around, our professional team are happy to assist. We love the outdoors and want you to enjoy your home, not just inside but also outside.

How our Swansea Landscapers Process Works

The process of landscaping is not as invasive or interruptive as a new build, renovation or extension as the entire process takes place outdoors. Landscaping can often be completed after the building stage is completed and you are in your home if you are itching to get in, or completely in isolation later down the track. We also provide landscaping services for clients who are just looking for a makeover of their outdoor areas. When the design has been finalised, we will be able to give you an estimation on completion, as well as advise on any areas that will be inaccessible during the process.

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