Building a House Extension in Swansea? 5Things You Must Think About Before You Start

Having a house extension is great because of the many benefits it brings. Most people rush into starting the extension project, but that is never a good idea because there are several factors you must first consider before the project commences.

1. Permissions and regulations

Every state has building regulations that restrict the addition of extensions under some circumstances. Most of the time, restrictions are applicable if the building is listed or if there are some height conditions you will have to meet. It is, therefore, important that you check with your local council before you seriously consider adding extensions. If it is allowed, then you have to think about other building regulations, such as fire safety, structural integrity, damp proofing, and ventilation, among others, before you proceed. Any good extension builders Swansea has will help you figure all this out.

2. What to Extend?

You may have already made your mind up on where and what part of your property you want to extend, but this may not be the best option to take, For example, knocking down a garage, shed or out building may seem like the most obvious route to make more room for your extension, but sometimes this may result in unnecessary costs and a sacrificing of valuable land or garden space. Generally, it’s far better and much more cost effective to build over double storey as opposed to single if at all possible as it saves on costly aspects such as foundations and roofing as well preserving space.

3. Design

Your extension should blend in perfectly with your home. You don’t want a structure that doesn’t look like its part of the property. This is why it’s important to work with Swansea extensions specialists that can come up with creative designs to make the extension independent but still blend with the house seamlessly. The company should have architects, specialized designers, and/or extension building teams. You can try to research on some suitable design styles online before you approach the company. Platforms like Pinterest and google has some good design ideas you can work with.

4. Accessibility

The easier your builders can access the extension site, the faster they’ll be able to finish the job. Consider features that could make that more challenging such as low beams on a ceiling or lack of a driveway or parking space. You may have to temporarily remove some of them like fences until the project is completed.

5. Neighbors and surrounding factors

Not interrupting our neighbors during the construction of the extension is very important. You may have to involve them under certain circumstances like when you share a wall or fence, and you need to take it down for easy access. Some neighbors may not want the or properties to be overlooking the extension, while others may have a problem with the extension overshadowing their gardens. Take all this into account before contacting your local builders. Other factors like the type of soil, trees, or potential hazards resulting from weather conditions like flooding are also significant. You must also consider plumbing systems and other aspects that will determine the functionality of the extension.


Our company is one of the most reliable ones in the South Wales region, and we can give you some of the best designs. We only use high-quality materials and try our best to ensure you get great value from your extensions. Call us today if you want the best local builders in Swansea and surrounding regions.

General Building

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Swansea Builder

With the ever increasing options available to all home and property owners looking for a Swansea builder providing an array of building services, finding the most trusted and professional company is harder than it’s ever been. All building and home improvement projects nowadays, whether big or small is a costly venture. Whether you’re looking at house renovations, extensions or landscaping, projects like these total into thousands pounds when you throw in all the material and labour costs.  For this reason, you should always work with the best house builders and designers in your locality to guarantee the best results. Knowing the mistakes to avoid when looking for such a company can make your search less stressful and give you the best results faster.

1. Not Understanding the Process

Understanding what you need from the construction companies will help you choose the most suitable one to meet your exact needs. You don’t have to be an expert to know the kind of work you need to be done. You can do some research on the type of project you need completed, the structure required and some designs suitable for your taste. You will then be able to understand the materials you’ll need, their costs, and the processes and will not fall prey to home builders who overcharge or use short cuts to finish the job quickly.

2. Delegating the Work

It is your responsibility to look for the local builders who will do the job diligently. You can ask other people for references, but you should never ask someone else to look for a service provider for you. You are the only one in a position to check the right qualities in a company and whether they can meet your exact needs. Make sure you double-check the reference you get to verify that the companies are qualified and certified to provide the services you need. Never take the company’s word at face value. Always do your research into their abilities.

3. Making Rush Decisions

Choosing the right contractor out of the many builders Swansea has to offer takes time. You should never choose the first company you cross paths with. Instead, take your time and compare a few companies before you select one. This will allow you to get the best discounts and the absolute perfect contractor out there. You must avoid hiring the first company even if they give you the lowest prices and the best deals. Confirm that all their credentials and staff are authentic.

4. Not Focusing on the Details

Transparency is a significant factor when working with any house builder, and should never be overlooked. The only way to confirm that a company is transparent is by focusing on the details. And checking whether they have any hidden charges. Pay close attention to the quotation you get and make sure it is comprehensive with nothing missing. Remember that anything missing will always lead to additional costs after the job project begins.

5. Forgetting to Document

Every quality and reputable Swansea builder will never proceed without a written contract, and neither should you. Verbal agreements can work, but for the sake of future reference, you should always have everything written down.


Some of the aspects you must write down include the scope of the project, payment records, and any notice of cancellation you get. Our company will help you avoid all these mistakes and get the best results you can hope for.